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 I’d love it if you ask me anything you want. The fastest way to reach me is by text — you can do so via Apple Messages (the native texting app on iPhone & Mac computers), WhatsApp, or Signal: +1 (617) 642-4695

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You can be healed by Christian Science!

Christian Science heals through God’s laws of good and harmony (as given in the Bible and taught by Christ Jesus). People who experienced healing through Christian Science have come from every walk of life and from every corner of the globe.

If cost concerns you, I encourage you to not let it get in the way of you finding healing!

As an individual, and sole proprietor, I need to charge for my services — but I try to keep my fees low so that everyone can find help. In some cases I reduce my fees.

My Practice Payment rates (PDF for download)


Tad's background

A few years after a major healing that came by relying solely on Christian Science, Tad felt led to start his public ministry of Christian Science healing. Tad started his public practice in 2005 and was authorized to advertise in The Christian Science Journal in January 2006.  His practice continues to grow and he takes calls from people in the United States and around the world. Tad lives with his family in Waltham, Massachusetts, a suburb of Boston.

About my practice of Christian Science

Tad Blake-Weber, CSChristian Science provides help to everyone who asks — and so do I. But my practice isn’t just for my patients — I rely on my practice to grow spiritually and to heal myself and my family, as well.

I trust Christian Science because it has a proven track record to heal — it’s been doing so for 3 generations in my family. More than that, it’s been healing people for over 140 years and counting. Those who experienced healing through this divine Science have come from every walk of life and from every corner of the globe.

As I have seen it in my own life, Christian Science heals through God’s laws of good and harmony (as given in the Bible and taught by Christ Jesus), and is not subject to educational, social, religious, or theological backgrounds.


What Christian Science means to me

To me, Christian Science is more than just another Christian movement sharing intellectual theological concepts or a religious experience — it’s God’s power, the healing Christ, that is understood to be present in each of our lives — and it helps and heals every difficulty that we come across.

As a Christian Science practitioner, I rely solely on prayer and the Christian Science textbooks, the Bible and Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures by Mary Baker Eddy. These two books form a complete and perfect foundation for my practice of healing through Christian Science, as well as my means to explain Christian Science to others.


How Christian Science heals

Christian Science heals only through mental means and its healing power is completely derived from the power of God, divine Mind. This holistic, spiritual approach is squarely Bible-based — leaning on the example of Christ Jesus’ healing ministry, the Apostles, as well as the prophets in the Old Testament. Christian Science does not involve ‘laying on of hands’ (manipulation or massage), nor does it utilize or support hypnotism.

Jesus demonstrated God’s healing power and taught it to his disciples, and then the Apostles and many other early Christians carried it forward for another 300 years. Mary Baker Eddy picked up where the early Christians left off. Eddy discovered the Science of Christian, mental healing and named it Christian Science. Mary Baker Eddy thoroughly explains this Christian system of healing in her book Science and Health.