Build a strong defense against fear, by understanding God's omnipotenceFear is a bully, and an imposter. It’s an imposter because it disguises itself as your thought suggesting itself as your own ideas, body, or feelings. We may get pushed around and duped by these, unless we’re alert. To become alert, start by building a strong mental defense.

Choose a weapon of choice—divine power

We don’t often hear that you have power over your feelings. We’re told these “feelings” are chemical, neurological, inherited, bodily — but we’re rarely told that they’re disguised as our own thoughts. We can shutdown fearful thoughts.  When doing so—handling aggressive forms of fear such as anxiety, depression, and fear of sickness—it’s important to know that will-power can’t do it alone. We need God’s power—the power of divine Principle, Love—who destroys fear, error, and all evil, on our behalf.

There is no fear in love; but perfect love casteth out fear:
—I John 4:18

Who’s your Master?

One dictionary defines powerless as “without ability, influence, or power.” But we always have the power to think and pray—even to give gratitude to God. Gratitude is a game-changer. It shifts our thought out of the problem and up to God. By this change of scenery, we see who has the power. Christ Jesus, the Master, demonstrated this powerfully simple step for us, so that we could apply the same principle. Here are two quick examples:

  1. When food looked scarce, before Jesus fed five-thousand people, he started by giving gratitude to God.
  2. Before Jesus raised Lazarus from the dead, he turned Godward giving thanks.

The Master showed us how to master fear: start with gratitude—being grateful for the all-presence and omnipotence of divine Love, who destroys fear, sickness, and sin.

call no man your father upon the earth: for one is your Father, which is in heaven. Neither be ye called masters: for one is your Master, even Christ.
—Matthew 23:9-10

Time to ascend

Yes—when facing down fear, we must ascend! We ascend in thought, by turning and lifting our thought spiritually toward Love, who is omnipotent and has no equal. We can’t overcome fear by personal power, self-will, or charisma. Instead, by meekly acknowledging God’s infinite and eternal power, we can equally begin understanding that fear is a powerless, bloated falsity. Mary Baker Eddy learned this first hand when she first discovered Christian Science. After she slipped on ice, and was on her deathbed, she turned to the Bible for inspiration, and to God in prayer. In that moment her thought changed and she saw that she wasn’t doomed. Rather, she experienced a full salvation and recovery from her internal injuries and the expectation of death.

We can, and ultimately shall, so rise as to avail ourselves in every direction of the supremacy of Truth over error, Life over death, and good over evil, and this growth will go on until we arrive at the fulness of God’s idea, and no more fear that we shall be sick and die.
—Mary Baker Eddy, Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures, p.406:20-25