Paul stood up to fear and evil, never fearing,
simply trusting the truth that he was hearing
and understanding what is  true
of God and God’s children, including you.

He told us, “…reprove, rebuke, exhort…”[note]II Timothy 4:2[/note]
strong words about our life,  a mission-not-to-abort
but to strengthen, to stand with God, following Jesus’ sted,
to trust God’s plan, to heal spiritually, and to be Love-led.

This Love-led power, Christ leading, enables reproving error and sin,
while standing with the omnipotence of God, Love, who destroys the din
of lies that come from a singular voice—devil, Satan or evil—in lieu
of truth. Yet divine Truth, God, quickly rebukes—”I don’t know you….”

“…You are nothing, not a power, personality, or reality! Your lie is come to an end;
and because it’s exposed—it’s powerlessness understood—it cannot offend
any further!” You see, my friends, God, Truth, only destroys what is untrue,[note]Mary Baker Eddy, Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures, p. 143:1[/note]
so all may rebuke and deny such impositions as sin and sickness—yes, you!

Truly you can. Since God gave dominion over any such creep[note]Genesis 1:26-27[/note]
or lie, whatever would try to invade, sneak about, or fool into sleep.
Christ’s government, Truth, preserves, keeping all from harm,
forever protected in God’s goodness, under sheltering arm.

So within this protection we can exhort—encourage all through healing proof
that the power of God and His healing Christ are and were never aloof,
That our Father-Mother God, dear divine Love, supreme presence, is ever near.
Love upholds, protects, and saves—is the only power everywhere and right  here—
‘God with us.'[note]Matthew 1:23[/note] Yes, indeed, this is good reason to cheer!