1. I heard that Christian Science is a cult — true?

  2. How come you’re always writing “Spirit” when referring to God rather than “Jesus”?

  3. Do you go to church?

I’m glad you asked these questions!

  1. No Christian Science is not a cult. Why? Cults generally worship a person or a person’s personality. Christian Science teaches students to only worship God alone, and to follow Jesus in how he worshiped and adored One God—through prayer and the practice of Christian healing — healing one’s self and others through God’s power.
  2. I refer to God as Spirit because Spirit is a name for God used often throughout the New Testament. I also refer to Spirit because it signifies, most fully, that God is infinite, incorporeal, and is only known spiritually.
  3. Yes, I do! I love going to church. I go to The First Church of Christ, Scientist, in Boston, Massachusetts.