What is The Mother Church’s policy on sexuality and membership?

Christian healers come from all backgrounds just like Church members. In our ongoing spiritual growth, it’s natural to want to unite with others who share a similar desire to practice Christian healing. Church and its activities provide that place where uniting with others whose goal to follow Jesus Christ’s healing example is ever so natural.

I would hope that anyone who visits or is interested in membership at The Mother Church in Boston, regardless of their background would know right off the bat that they are safe — loved, unjudged, and supported — in learning about and exploring Christian Science to whatever degree inspiration leads.

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But what if you’re gay or transgender, can you still be a Christian Scientist — a Christian healer? Yes!  Each of us, in our aim to follow Christ, is following a path that is extraordinary, and it leads only to a better understanding of our God-defined identity and individuality which is spiritual. For each of us, this expanding sense of our unchanging goodness inevitably leads to being able to heal ourselves and others — because we naturally become more focused on God, good, and man’s spiritual, immortal nature as a child of God.